Work it out

First day back and it was hard. No Excuses!

What did I do, you ask? I worked out!

So, I started back with T25 and I have to say it wasn’t easy.In the time since I last worked out, I have gained over 10lbs and have since had health issues that have hindered me to plateau to not being where I should be. Not happy.


Fitness is not my resolution

A girl stops every now and then, right? When it comes to working out? I did that. I was focused and I was determined, then I got tired and said to hell with this. Looking back, I gave up to easily. The excuses reigned in and I just stop. Now mind you T25 isn’t cheap! It is expensive, but effective and can used in the future. For me, it was motivation and self esteem, two things you can’t buy.

I have found it hard to even posts something, since I am so ashamed by my lack of motivation and the fact that I quit so easily. Now I have a goal, a childish one, but still a good motivator.

An ex-boyfriend.

You know the one. They left you high and dry and wanting more. They moved on as if the relationship was just a speed bump to a bunch of others. Well for me, I am to nice and tend to stay friends with the guys I have dated. Mind you my experience is limted and goes down to one guy (Only one BF, several guys I have dated though. Not a total novice). So now I have a goal. To look my best and move on from him.

I am at my heaviest, even though my sweet and loving friends and family say I look fine. However, if I feel unhealthy, then no amount of boost from anyone is going to sway me.

My doctors have even said I need to re-work what I eat. Now it is taking toll on my body.

So I made a goal for myself:

  • I want to look good by the time my ex gets here.
  • Wear a dress for the first time in over two years.
  • Be able to run 1 mile without stopping
  • Drink 8 cups of water – no juices at all!
  • Pre-plan all of my own meals ahead of schedule.
  • Look in the mirror in May and be able to say that I look beautiful.

Now, I sit here on fat behind writing these goals and a part of me knows that I have to start and stop making excuses. I have to do it. It’s only 25 mins! 

Fitness isn’t my New Years resolution. It is my possible savior to live a better life. I want to feel strong, not weak. Confident. Smart.

I want to feel like me…only in smaller size pants.

Anyone out there want to be each others motivators? Because we can do it! Yea…we will quit, but we can help each other out. Let me know.

Slacker! Focus T25

So I have been busy and a bit crampy ( Women you know how that feels). So I have slacked off on T25. What does this mean for me? Well, I hate it. My motivation went kaput. So I will be redoing week two ALL over again. I feel I owe it to myself to get in shape and even though I should be working through the pain, I don’t feel like it. 

After this week of school and feeling fatigue, it will do my body some good to work it all out. If only my body would agree with my thought process. 

Week Two Day Two and Three Focus T25 Alpha

Week Two Day Two and Three Focus T25 Alpha Total Body Circuit and Speed 1.0. 

So as you can see this post is dedicated to two days. I was exhausted after my class. So now I am doing a double day and I am still doing a 90 minute class session tonight. Right now I am still feeling the first workout, which happens to be my least favorite: Total Body Circuit. I am okay with speed 1.0. Just the whole body just exhausts me. 

This will be a short post since I am still in class, I just wanted to post that I am still doing the workout. It’s only 25 mins right!


Week Two Day One Focus T25

Week Two Day One Focus T 25 – Alpha Cardio

Well! I did it. I completed this entire workout without stopping the video. I had to switch between the modifier and Shaun T. My chest was burning, but I made myself get through it. One thing I noticed is that even though I wanted to stop, I kept going and tried to get back into the game with Tanya.

Tanya is from Shaun T’s orignal workout video, the one that started it all, Insanity. To be honest, I did not like her. She was to perky and I just wanted to slap her. I mean who can sweat and get through that workout. An hour workout! Well, now Shaun has made her the upfront modifier and it really helped me keep going and Shaun promotes that. He does want you to go all out though, so don’t use it as an excuse.

This workout really got me energized. Before, I was at the beauty salon getting my hair done and I was exhausted. I kept falling asleep in my chair! lol I am surprised the girl didn’t burn me. ANyway, after the workout, I caught my second wind. This was much needed. Now if only I knew what I wanted to eat. Most likely some protein and fruit.

See you tomorrow!

Week One Day Five Focus T25

Week One Day Five: Focus T25 – Alpha Lower Focus + Cardio (Barely)

I finished Lower Focus with only minimal stoppage. Come on! It’s the legs. When It came to Cardio, well, I will be doing it again on Sunday. I was exhausted after the first workout that I just looked at Shaun T with confusion. What? You want me to build up to the progression? No.

I think if I could afford the shakeology I would purchase it and use it like a life line. I now know how to make without those incessant lumps of powder. Gross. However, It is super expensive and Christmas is coming. So I am sticking with fruits, vegetables, and moderating my eating to stay energized. 

The problem with this week, is that I am doing finals. Which I am so far behind it scares me. Aiming for a B+ really. Hopefully on my ‘STATurday’ I will have made some progress. Most likely i will be focusing on school work though. Wish me luck! Gonna need it. 

Week One Day Four Focus T25

Week One Day Four: Focus T25 – Alpha Ab Intervals

So I did it, well almost. I barely stopped on the moves after the 20 mark. In the beginning my big toe was still tender( A wierd pedicure accident occured lol). However, I am still proud that I powered through it and I had a hard time on a move, I would go back and study the film and do it again.

The workout consisted of plank work, leg crunches, and squats, but it was easier compared to yesterday’s total body circuit. I think where I went wrong, was the food. My meal wasn’t healthy and i had minimal amount water in my system. After completing the workout I did have some pistachios and small portion of pasta. Now after I finish this first week, I will be grocery shopping to update my nutrition and diet to reflect my new workout regiment.

I am positive that I will get to where I want to be.

On STATurday, I plan on working out my overall goals of where I want to be on day 25 before starting T25 Beta. For now, I just want to focus on form and motivating my self to push myself to the point of a burnout! I can do it!