Week One Day Three Focus T25

Week One Day Three: Focus T25 – Alpha Total Body Circuit.

So…Yea. I was horrible. I was uber happy to have Tanya doing the modified version of the moves, because I was having a really hard time surviving the plank movements and burpees. My goal is to be able to complete all plank work without stopping and rewinding to the beginning. Yep, if I didn’t get it the first time, I did was my trainer did when she was working with me for Insanity. Start from the top of that workout. There is no reason to short yourself. I want results and I want them in the time allotted ( 50 days + Gamma). 

It was hard, but worth it. The burn in my arms is gonna sting, but looking at my pictures from my family Christmas photo, it’s needed. I want to be back to the point where my arms were compared to Michelle Obama. The First Lady works out and it shows in those defined arms (Good Job Mr. President!).

Suggestion to those about to start T25, drink a little bit of work in between sessions. If you aren’t a person that works out, you are going to be burning a lot of sweat, and you need to stay hydrated. If you have to pause or go back a few moves, so be it. It’s better to do that, then ending the workout all together. 

Maybe day four will be better. It’s Ab Intervals.