Getting to it. Woot!

Over the hump, well sort of. I paid off one part of my debt. A small piece, but a piece nonetheless. Now I feel as if a weight has been lifted and now resides on my brain! All I think about is when I will be completely finished and look for every loop hole in completing it. Not an easy thing to do. Honestly, all I want to do is save and have a nice fund for emergencies. I sift through the personal finance blogs religiously and I am currently looking for new position that pays differently. However, after some stuff came to light, I realize I am going about it the wrong way.

Remember to breathe girl, breathe.

OK, so when you manage to hit a goal, it happens. What? The plateau happens. You hit a wall and you can’t seem to go beyond it. That’s me. Move forward, progress. Finish what you started. Brain starts coming up with different things to do and the motivation that once was is now gone. Soooooo I am taking a break. Instead of paying off my debt and stressing myself out, I am going to do the minimum payment, while saving my additional checks to do a snowball in two months. That way I can just completely wipe it out and also be able to track the extra funds. It’s one of the issues I have been having, tracking my numbers. It makes sense to me. Job wise, take it slow. My friends recently moved to California for a new job opportunity and to say I was envious was an understatement. Applications started coming out my ears, along with return of rejections. This allowed me to reflect on my apps and realize I wasn’t ready, nor am I prepared. Another area that will be stopped. Gonna take it slow and only apply to positions that I genuinely want and not for the money. Understanding that this will be my career for years to come and that it is to be taken seriously. My own path will not look like everyone else, and that’s great.

This is currently what I am doing. Yes, it will keep me in my same predicament, but at least I will be satisfied, although impatient about it. It will eventually get done.


That money biz

It’s weird, but I figured out why I am so broke. I spend it. I recently lowered some of my bills and found myself with a couple of extra dollars. Really, I felt rich, when in reality I was broke as a joke. Instead of doing the smart thing and saving, I figure “Hey! I’ve got money! I can finally get sushi.”. Pure joy came into my heart. The only problem is I need glasses. I also need to pay my dentist bill. Oh! Let’s not forget, my student loans are gonna hit in, oh…say a month! Why do I relapse like a broke wannabe Paris Hilton. Even that girl has it together (She’s rich with an accountant).

Folks, I have tried the monitor accounts and tracking, it was like tracking everything I ate. Didn’t work and it was soooo lame! Also, the cash spending worked in theory…really I am card girl myself. Swipe and go, Swipe and go, and repeat. I can’t blame anyone…I can blame my need to want everything. Or at least to settle expenses I couldn’t handle previously.

Grown Up Problems…complaints

What happens when you get stressed out over money? You get obsessed with getting out of debt and trying to make more money! I have been trying to play catch up since my vacations back in May 2014 (Graduation and my long awaited New Orleans trip). I don’t regret going. I do however, regret not taking the time to set a realistic budget for living. I tried and unsuccessfully neglected to pat attention to my lifestyle choices. not paying attention to the paycheck to paycheck life I had grown accustomed  to. There can be no blame on others except myself and maybe poor campanions on the trip. Now I am stuck trying to, seriously,  make a dollar out of fifteen cents. I apparently got a raise at work, yes when I do the math it makes absolutely no difference.

Currently I make enough to support myself, but poor money choices have me struggling, living paycheck to paycheck. This wasn’t how I imagined my life at 26.

After this paycheck on the 25th  I will have barely $40. Mind you I have to get my hair done, since I could barely get a comb through it. It is my one and only “splurg”. A necessity in my opinion.

So a 2nd job is on my to do list. I don’t want to, but until I get out of debt it is the only solution I see happening.

Looking back I could have avoided this situation. Now it just seems to bite me in the ass. So many hopes, dreams, and goals being put on hold. My own negligence got me to this point. If I were to go back in time, I would tell myself to really look at finances. Save! Stop buying stuff that you will never use. Really think about what you want. It’s time to be a grown up.

Work and play

I can say with the most certainty that my trial run for this semester is sucking. I have been so neglectful of my plans that I have been focusing on work and play. How do women do it? How do people in general do it? Balance everything that they want to do in life when dealing with something heavy: Procrastination? It should be classified as a disorder or something. Balancing my calendar is like balancing a ticking time bomb. One wrong move and you shit is cold busted.

I have done everything on my goal list if I remembered to write everything down. I have done my second 5k, gone to the theater, and I am finished with part one of my workout. Basic and boring but done. Now it is time to get down to business.

School. School work is not what is supposed to be. I have already gotten two pretty bad grades and missed one discussion post. From now on I have to get A papers or else I will be dropped from grad school. I can’t do that. I have plans! Panic down graded. I will be focusing on my children’s materials class and trying harder not to procrastinate. I even found an article to write about. I just need to write the paper correctly. As a student we face the reality of focusing on our studies. It isn’t easy. Money needs to be made and life needs to be taken care of. Of course it is hard to remember what it is we are studying.


Just Breathe.

Maybe all this venting will help me get me head in order.

Maybe what is needed is to refocus on doing things one at a time.

Money. I need it. Where is it though?

Money makes the world go round, but it doesn’t make a girl happy. I am having money issues, more specifically budget problems. I had all of my money saved and stowed away last year, now that plan has gone straight to hell. To many expenses and not enough funds to go around.

Goals, hopes, and dreams are what I working towards and you need money to get them.

-Goal: save 5000 dollars by the end of the year
-Hopes: Save enough to put a down pmt on a house, pay off student loans, and relocate
-Dreams: to be settled in my new place and have nothing to pay off.

How do I do that if I am constantly coming up with excuses and procrastinating on getting the job done. I recently started the 52 week money challenge, where I put money away everyweek ending in a large amount saved for the year. How am I doing you ask? I already owe myself money.

Everyday, people are looking for ways to make money the easy way and the hard way. We want the best for ourselves and getting it is a struggle. Some people are willing to risk it, others are not. However, how can we keep the money already in our pockets when it is constantly needed for everyday purchases. In todays world having a savings account is like balance a time bomb. Don’t take so much out or its gonna blow…but if you want to save it that means you don’t have any extra funds laying around.

Money! Money! Money!!

I need it. You need it. How can we save it?