Song of the moment : Downtown by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis (Feat. Eric Nally)

My mind wanders and races when I have energy. I can’t think or hold a single thought and my motivation goes strong, but can’t stay on a single topic at that moment. Makes for a tiresome day. I have so many things I want to do. Now. At this moment. Just can’t stay focused.

Focus. My main issue. I always thought it was procrastination, but it’s focus. If I am given a task and I can actively focus, I can power through procrastination. Today, that’s a huge challenge.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Probably wasn’t a good idea to listen to upbeat music at the moment. Too wired to sit still. As I type, I am fidgeting and shaking in my chair.

Nope…it’s the Mocha Frappe.

No. I was like this before that. Just wired. Mind is wandering and I can’t think or focus. Gonna read a BWWM novel and try and get back in the game.

Try. Try. Try….


Memo #1: Is it wrong that I envy people who have a defined faith?

Memo: Is it wrong that I envy people who have a defined faith? No? Thought so.

I am into blogs right now. Reading them and getting inspired once again to write out all my thoughts, when I noticed that few (a lot) are really into Jesus and faith. I am totally okay with that. It’s great really. I just don’t have it in me to be a full on worshiper. Half the time I just want to snap at people and say we could be aliens! or better yet how in the world could He just say we were created like that, yet you all don’t believe in magic. How does that work? Not that I believe in magic either, I’ve seen those magic unlocked series.

So my faith resides in that there is a higher power, but it may not be a person, but a power like Mother nature and we are her children who believe in a God who created our world in 6 days. When in reality it’s more like a billion years and still going. Pessimistic I am yet still optimistic or would it be a realist with idealistic tendencies.

Maybe what I envy is the fact that they have an answer as to why stuff happens good and bad, whereas I am stuck with the question of who what why and what the fudge!? This will not change. I know it. I will always be that person who is constantly questioning what is that I believe and still wear the cross her mother gave her on her 16th birthday. Not because of the meaning of it, but as a treasure given to me by my mother. A gift. Is that what people of faith look at their belief as, a gift? A gift to be able look at life as always having an answer because He always has a plan for his children. No worries or fear?

This entire thing is a something that I will live with forever or until I fully understand what is it I want to believe in.

10 Rules I have broken…

I am not much for a rule breaker. Honestly, I feel karma really does come back and bite you in the ass. So I try to tread lightly on the living dangerously train. In total, I have broken only 3 rules that I feel were actually broken.

1) Stole

2) Lied about something to my mother

3) Jay walked (Got a ticket – So I know for sure that was a bad one)

That’s it. I try to think of anything that would really appeal to you all and I all I can think of is that. I don’t mind it. Being boring and basic is fine with me. It’s my life and I can live it however I want to. But it does get a bit boring. I want to walk on the wide side with out it biting me in the ass or maybe I want someone to bite me in the ass. Biting and ass keeps coming up in this post…Dark thoughts? 50 shades of WTF? What just happened here?

XOXO Kit Kat

It has been a minute

It has been a minute since I lasted posted on my blog. For that I apologize. I really haven’t been able to post anything. At least not on this site.

School blogs and work came first and it was hard to really think let alone post. This leads me to explain that basically nothing has happened. Yes I started accruing more vinyl for my collection and I am slowly getting back into my reading habits (less romance and more YA). Also, I am starting to plan for what life will be like outside of school. WHy?

I’m graduating! I will have completed my Master’s program in May, if my adviser deems my portfolio ready. I so hope so. That massive monstrosity ruled my life for the past month. It was rather disgusting how much stuffed is stuffed in my brain. My friends can quote verbatim stuff they learned last semester. I barely remember my name, let alone explain the code of ethics and values that I am supposed to abide by. Don’t get me wrong, I know my stuff and If I really tried I could possible go further in my program, but that isn’t how I work. I try and try and put in the effort, but I usually fall short.

That’s me. I am far from an under achiever. I am just an average achiever.

I want the best, but I will go only so far to get to it.

Anyway, here is a brief of what I have been listening to, reading, and watching:

Kendrick Lemar : Good Kis, M.A.A.D City

Baby Metal: Selftitled Album

Classical Music: The 99 Most Essential pieces of Classical Music

Side Note: I went to see Joshua Bell in concert. It was lovely. It even had Senator Harry Reid in attendance.

The Chainsmokers: #Selfie (So addicting!)

Frank Sinatra/The Rat Pack on Pandora


Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. Fantastic Book! I absolutely enjoyed it. If you love gaming and 80s nostalgia, then this book is for you.


Crisis on NBC: It is about high profile parents whose children have been kidnapped for some unknown reason.

The Mindy Project: Mindy Kahling (Sorry for butchering the last name) is wonderful in her writing. It is better than The New Girl and I like that show.

Once Upon a Time: I like this storyline compared to the last season. It’s fun and wicked.

YouTube: The Fine Brothers React Series, BookTube, and whatever is on.


I am not a gamer, but I have been playing these APPs on my iPad

2048: A number game where you have to get to the tile 2048. It is not easy

Jelly Splash

Dots: Connect Four basically

This is what has been occupying my time when I am not doing homework. All very boring stuff, but hey I needed the distraction. Oh! That and food. Which means I have to start my workout regime to get in shape for a 5k I will be doing in few months. Sigh…still peeved that I missed Spartan Race.

Until Next time, thanks for reading this wierd post. I am still wired from that almost(well it had to be) close to 30 pages with references, portfolio. Not bragging or anything. 😉

Video Blogging

Get an idea in your head after seeing something amazing? I bet a lot of us do that. Inspiration strikes and we want to started creating. My mind has always had that issue, where I get an idea and all of my thoughts start to run haywire. I get antsy and wierd. I also procrastinate and get lazy. Like my brain is telling me to just stop before I fail.

I have a fighting spirit though.

My new and creative idea isn’t really new. I have been wanting to do this for years. I want to create a vlog. A video blog that I can confess to. I have felt that I could get more off my chest if I could just see it and hear it. My emotions not just on paper, but face to face. After seeing a few of the youtube superstars of video bloggers, I realize how much I still want to do it, but I want to do more.

I want to create a place to blog about:

  • Books – My thoughts, reviews, to be read, what I want to read…Pretty much a Good Reads, but on camera
  • Travel – Discussions about places I have traveled (nowhere), where I want to go, and ideas about booking a vacation
  • Fashion – Not really, but maybe. I really don’t care enough
  • Self Esteem – Understanding the power of being myself
  • Love – No explanation needed. Just that it can happen or we can all just enjoy being single
  • Pretty Photo of the week

These are just ideas, but in reality they are seldom likely to happen. Like I said, I tend to procrastinate. I love to blog and post photos, quotes, links on my social media (Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and WordPress).

Right now I am looking at BookTubes for ideas on how to prep myself to do book reviews online. Trying to gain suggestions on how to have a successful channel. I think if I try hard enough, I can really have fun with this.