2017 Word for the Year

Word for 2017: Sh*t

I mean come on that is an awesome word to stick it to this year. It’s not like I have the gift of foresight, I’m just being realistic and well how is 2017 gonna be different from 2016.

Now as someone who tends to look on the brighter side of things, it doesn’t make any sense to have that kind of negative in ones life. You never know when a miracle will hit. HOWEVER. A huge however, I am making Sh*t with a capital S my word of the year to go as follows:

Deal with Sh*t

Give a Sh*t and Don’t give a Sh*t

Take Sh*t head on and keep rolling with the punches

Look at life for what it is; Sh*t.

Look at life when it is Sh*t and still keep going.

I keep telling myself ‘Gurl…you’re almost 30! Stop being a baby and face life’. I honestly feel I am doing that. By keep my up and just getting through this year I am facing life. It’s gonna be a fucking shit of a year, but I am gonna come out on the other side. Knowing that it’s my own shitty mistake if I am sick, sad, and just well shit. Taking responsibility for it all, all the while, taking Sh*t and moving on from it.

Take what you must from this post, because I honestly don’t care.


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