Vlogmas Day 29 or just plain December

OMG…I have seen what this year has done and I am beyond humbled. People around the world could not catch a break. It had to a shit year and I think it will continue that way. I even posted that sentiment on Facebook. The passive aggressive response I got were as followed:

If you focus on the negative any year will be a crappy year. How about we look back on our blessings for 2016?? I am tired of people moaning that 2016 sucked. If it truly did, then CHANGE something!!! Pray more. Exercise more. Find a new hobby. Move. Invest more in your relationships. Get a new out look on life. If people who are literally ON THEIR DEATH BED can find something beautiful to celebrate in every day life, I am sure all of us can.

This was just a bit irritating. Not that I have an issue with people ranting. It’s that people think that a persons thoughts that something sucked needs to get over themselves. That a quick fix is all you need to have a great year. IT Doesn’t Work Like That. It takes time and getting it out that the year sucked is, in my opinion, a good way to get out the negative and to start moving forward towards the positive.

Yes this year sucked, but I have to face 2017. I don’t have any resolutions or hopes or dreams. All I have is faith to keep moving forward. Facing everyday and basically go through life. That sucks. However, I am still going. 2016 was one of the shittiest years for a person, but look on the bright side, you will have some great years and some other shitty years coming up!

As we grow order, the shit will slowly become norm and we won’t be as bothered as we once were. I can’t wait for that honestly. My life was never meant to be great as others lives are. It was meant to be this way. It’s time I start living that way.

Depressing blog post of the year FTW.

Okay…gonna be honest and say I’ll try and be the brave happy little soldier.


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