Kita’s Blogmas Day 24

I started a video diary. Real simple. Using my phone and uploading (unedited) it onto YouTube. It’s private, but it was cathartic. Talking to yourself can help, but talking to others (even in private and imaginative) is even better. Not looking to be the next big thing on YouTube. Honestly I was just looking at a way to document my struggle with everything. Currently, I am not doing it everyday. I forget. That doesn’t mean that I don’t get my words out. I just do it in different ways. Like this site. This site was originally supposed to be a complaining blog involving my thoughts. Now, it’s just an everything type of blog.

In a previous post or maybe a video I did say I wanted to lighten things up. That’s not realistic though. So I am gonna stick with the format that I have. It’s a diary for me. The year is coming to end and I am so glad for it. Not that I am looking forward to the new year. Honestly I am just gonna take one day at a time and push forward until I can’t. Hoping that will be when I am old and grey. Then again, I did just find some grays in my hair.


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