Year of Change – Order

So far this year is starting off well. I wanted to have an optimistic view of the world and take on a word that would help me with that. Order. I chose this word, due to my constant stress over my life and how I can barely manage with everything that is going on.
Mom’s Sick
I work two jobs
Still building up skills to get a new job
Actively participating with book reviews – Have no time to write them
Lack of me time
Lack of social time
Simple areas of my life just seem to complicated. So I want Order. Having order will set boundaries in how I manage my life. It’s not gonna be go go go. It can be taking one step at a time and really enjoying what life has to offer. Strict isn’t easy for me, but I think in this case discipline is what I need this year. First order of business was my finances. I set up a wordpress site called to account for my budget, debt repayment, and any other areas that concern my finances. It’s a way to hold my thoughts and stress over the entire ordeal. So far, it’s nice just to get my thoughts out. Future posts will be less whiny though. It is so not gonna be a 2.0 version of this blog. Ha. Next, health. I have been having health issues ever since I stopped working out. They have gotten better except for the injury to my foot, but I have the number to the podiatrist and will be calling when I have time. My dental work will also be of concern and I will be working on that. This year will be expensive, but worth the headache in regards to the dentist. I will be focusing on my fitness. This will be the tricky part. I ended my gym membership, because I had no interest in going and I didn’t have time to go when I had it. Now I do, but the thought of shelling out the money for it, makes me cringe. So I have to buckle down and workout at home or by my neighborhood. My area isn’t so safe though, so possibly just working out around work. These are just steps…it’s 11 months until the new year and I am embarking on a lifestyle change. So it’s not gonna happen over night. Getting over years of procrastination and laziness isn’t easy. Gotta bear it and work through it.

Day 28 of 365


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