Song of the moment : Downtown by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis (Feat. Eric Nally)

My mind wanders and races when I have energy. I can’t think or hold a single thought and my motivation goes strong, but can’t stay on a single topic at that moment. Makes for a tiresome day. I have so many things I want to do. Now. At this moment. Just can’t stay focused.

Focus. My main issue. I always thought it was procrastination, but it’s focus. If I am given a task and I can actively focus, I can power through procrastination. Today, that’s a huge challenge.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Probably wasn’t a good idea to listen to upbeat music at the moment. Too wired to sit still. As I type, I am fidgeting and shaking in my chair.

Nope…it’s the Mocha Frappe.

No. I was like this before that. Just wired. Mind is wandering and I can’t think or focus. Gonna read a BWWM novel and try and get back in the game.

Try. Try. Try….


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