Pay Cut

Should I take a part time job pay cut? Not the kind of question you ask or hear about from people. Especially from me. Money is money, but not when you are exhausted working a full time job and starting to have health issues. I work the part time job making 9 bucks an hour. Not bad. Not gonna complain about, I was fortunate enough to get a good evaluation and have only been there for 4 months at the time. Now it’s six. The only issue is the staffing or lack thereof and management. The way the place is run is stressful and the staffing issues are mind boggling. They either have to many people on slow days or not enough on busy days. I know this by the hours posted, but I’ll move on to the question on hand.

I decided to keep working the extra job to build up my emergency stash again after putting 75% of it towards my debt. It was painful but worth it. It was my own fault waiting so long. With this extra job, I will drop my hours at my current job between 5 to 6, haven’t decided yet. The great news or so I thought was getting an interview at a department store that would work with the holidays. Better discounts and it’s close to home, the only issue is going back to the original pay I was working with.

My main issue is that I can stay with my current PT, but they may not allow me to cut back my hours since we don’t have that many people to cover that anyway. or go to a position that pays less…

In the long run, I am almost finished with my debt and have done the math that if need be I can save money with that. It will take me a minute, but I’ve been patient all year anyway.

It was a dumb question.


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