Getting to it. Woot!

Over the hump, well sort of. I paid off one part of my debt. A small piece, but a piece nonetheless. Now I feel as if a weight has been lifted and now resides on my brain! All I think about is when I will be completely finished and look for every loop hole in completing it. Not an easy thing to do. Honestly, all I want to do is save and have a nice fund for emergencies. I sift through the personal finance blogs religiously and I am currently looking for new position that pays differently. However, after some stuff came to light, I realize I am going about it the wrong way.

Remember to breathe girl, breathe.

OK, so when you manage to hit a goal, it happens. What? The plateau happens. You hit a wall and you can’t seem to go beyond it. That’s me. Move forward, progress. Finish what you started. Brain starts coming up with different things to do and the motivation that once was is now gone. Soooooo I am taking a break. Instead of paying off my debt and stressing myself out, I am going to do the minimum payment, while saving my additional checks to do a snowball in two months. That way I can just completely wipe it out and also be able to track the extra funds. It’s one of the issues I have been having, tracking my numbers. It makes sense to me. Job wise, take it slow. My friends recently moved to California for a new job opportunity and to say I was envious was an understatement. Applications started coming out my ears, along with return of rejections. This allowed me to reflect on my apps and realize I wasn’t ready, nor am I prepared. Another area that will be stopped. Gonna take it slow and only apply to positions that I genuinely want and not for the money. Understanding that this will be my career for years to come and that it is to be taken seriously. My own path will not look like everyone else, and that’s great.

This is currently what I am doing. Yes, it will keep me in my same predicament, but at least I will be satisfied, although impatient about it. It will eventually get done.


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