It’s hard to face the reality I havea second job, abiet a part time job, but a job nonetheless. So I decided I need to give myself an incentive. Looking at it from the perspective from when I was a graduate student completing my e-portfolio, filling up the pie chart gave me some serious satisfaction. It was great. Sadly it wasn’t the thought of receiving the diploma that motivated me, it was the end of the rainbow, my trip to New Orleans. That trip sucked ass, but it didn’t suck in my mind before I went. My debt reduction plan and savings plan needs the motivation, it needs the incentive that I can complete this job in a specified time and reach the goals I have set and I need to stick with it. Creating a pie chart seems the way to do it. Actually, re-creating my entire e-portfolio plan but for finances seems the right way to go.

A pie chart, a excel spreadsheet of each goal (with amount), and the incentives listed I think will help in getting me to where I need. Now it does require a bit of restraint. Recently my thought process strayed too “I’m an adult, I shouldn’t need any incentives” then I remembered I hated waiting and I don’t like surprises. Welp, gonna suck it up and get back to basics. Just do it. Hopefully, this plan works in the allotted time I have given myself. There are plenty of men and women who are doing the exact same thing as me.

When faced with a difficult road ahead, having a positive attitude and looking for the bright light ahead seems to be the only good thought going through my head. Positivity. Positive that this will all work out.


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