Top Books that I have read


After I graduated back in May from my Master’s program, my love of reading was basically at a standstill. I no longer felt the urge to discover or immerse myself in another world, especially since I was struggling in mine. My reading spirit was dead to me. Every time I picked up a novel or tried to listen to an audio I got bored, irritated, and just plain fed up with it all. I didn’t want to ‘suffer’ through whiny characters or perky ones either. Happily ever after’s were for losers and complainers needed to get over themselves. Like a petulant child, I didn’t want to deal with none of it! That all started to change. I started to see several reads that interested me and I slowly got back on the proverbial horse so to speak. The books were mundane, but it got the job done. My reading has become a bit picky, however, in my opinion I am not going to force myself to read something just because everyone else is. I realize now that it isn’t a contest and it isn’t the point of reading; at least not for me. So here are the books and audio books that read for this month:

**Some of the books that I couldn’t finish were audio books. I feel that if I had the physical form, maybe I would have actually finished. Then again, I had all forms of Ruby Red and yet I found it to be quite juvenile, even though it is labeled as YA. I think it was because it was translated from German to English, so it was a bit rough for me. Rowdy by Jay Crownover was just boring to me. I tried and it didn’t work for me. I think the series was good for the first two books and then it got to be annoying. Plus I hate meddling characters that feel it’s their place to make sure everyone is paired up, as I saw with some of the secondary characters. The Lost Hero had SO MANY Characters, I didn’t even know who was the lead. It was really hard to follow. I think overall, the only book I gave a high mark for on Goodreads was Tina Fey’s Bossypants. It was so good and I actually had to stop myself from listening to it, in order to get work done. The audio book had Tina Fey as the narrator and she is a natural born storyteller.

Tina Fey’s Bossypants (Audio book)
Kerstin Gier Ruby Red
Kylie Scott Lead (Re-read)
Jay Crownover Rowdy (Couldn’t Finish)
Sailor Moon Vol. 1-5 ( I Have the entire series from the library; so I will not be bored over this long break)
Rick Riordan The Lost hero (Audio book, Couldn’t Finish)

TBR Book pile
To be honest, I am not in a huge rush to read these. Eventually they will expire and return to my library, but I will try and sample of few pages to see if it was even worth it.
Max Barry Lexicon
Patrick Ness A Monster Calls
Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol

Wish list
Veronica Mars!!! I want the audiobook. I mean it has Kristen Bell! Gossip Girl. Duh.


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