That money biz

It’s weird, but I figured out why I am so broke. I spend it. I recently lowered some of my bills and found myself with a couple of extra dollars. Really, I felt rich, when in reality I was broke as a joke. Instead of doing the smart thing and saving, I figure “Hey! I’ve got money! I can finally get sushi.”. Pure joy came into my heart. The only problem is I need glasses. I also need to pay my dentist bill. Oh! Let’s not forget, my student loans are gonna hit in, oh…say a month! Why do I relapse like a broke wannabe Paris Hilton. Even that girl has it together (She’s rich with an accountant).

Folks, I have tried the monitor accounts and tracking, it was like tracking everything I ate. Didn’t work and it was soooo lame! Also, the cash spending worked in theory…really I am card girl myself. Swipe and go, Swipe and go, and repeat. I can’t blame anyone…I can blame my need to want everything. Or at least to settle expenses I couldn’t handle previously.


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