Memo: Random truth about myself…basically a night memo

I like to fart.
Superstar my armpits for no reason.
I get depressed at 3 to 5 times flats out of the month, maybe a week sometimes.
I pick my nose sometimes (a lot).
Tickling the skittles feels good all the time (make a guess as to what that is).
The only reason I want to move out is so I can walk around my place naked.
My boobs and smile are my favorite feature on my body.
I only like Winnie the pooh, tinker bell is only around so I can seem cool to my friends.
I only like hockey because of the men, same with all sports.
My dancing skills suck, but I still do it.
I have a strong discontent with my sisters.
My birth father will only be known as sperm donor (but respectfully).
As of now (November 29, 2014) setting goals and being and adult irritates the fuck out of me.
Looking at blogs like that right now pisses me off.
I want to cry, but I cant. It doesn’t make sense how that works. When I want to cry, I can’t and I don’t want to cry I do. I hate how I get this way, melancholy and without a thought. Like my brain refuses to fight the good fight and be positive. A Never-ending Monday. Bitch monkey. Really sad about it. Being alone. My life. Where I am in life. My being. My lack of motivation and optimism.


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