Grown Up Problems…complaints

What happens when you get stressed out over money? You get obsessed with getting out of debt and trying to make more money! I have been trying to play catch up since my vacations back in May 2014 (Graduation and my long awaited New Orleans trip). I don’t regret going. I do however, regret not taking the time to set a realistic budget for living. I tried and unsuccessfully neglected to pat attention to my lifestyle choices. not paying attention to the paycheck to paycheck life I had grown accustomed  to. There can be no blame on others except myself and maybe poor campanions on the trip. Now I am stuck trying to, seriously,  make a dollar out of fifteen cents. I apparently got a raise at work, yes when I do the math it makes absolutely no difference.

Currently I make enough to support myself, but poor money choices have me struggling, living paycheck to paycheck. This wasn’t how I imagined my life at 26.

After this paycheck on the 25th  I will have barely $40. Mind you I have to get my hair done, since I could barely get a comb through it. It is my one and only “splurg”. A necessity in my opinion.

So a 2nd job is on my to do list. I don’t want to, but until I get out of debt it is the only solution I see happening.

Looking back I could have avoided this situation. Now it just seems to bite me in the ass. So many hopes, dreams, and goals being put on hold. My own negligence got me to this point. If I were to go back in time, I would tell myself to really look at finances. Save! Stop buying stuff that you will never use. Really think about what you want. It’s time to be a grown up.


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