A Day in a Life…well somewhat

This week was pretty good. Honestly, it went by super quick. I can’t believe it’s already Saturday! I haven’t really been feeling perky or optimistic this past year and I honestly can’t figure out why. This week however, I got a boost in that department and have my work cut of for me.

(Wait it was Monday, I thought It was Tuesday)

Nothing really happened that day. I just became even more frustrated with a report that just would not solve itself! At All. Horrible! I did however, send in my email to the dean at my job about a possibly being mentored with other librarians to gain more experience in research and scholarship. I am hoping that everything goes well on that front. Oh! I learned that writing emails to the dean is nerve wracking as hell!

(Just another day)

Nothing but that stupid report. I can’t event remember what I wore that day…sad

(One step closer to Friday Heaven)
Meetings and I was the minute taker.

(Well at least Friday is coming…right?)
I have to moderate a career workshop for students. The joy. *Sarcasm and boredom rolled into one* I was wearing a cute black tee and some crappy jeans that worked with my muffin top. After the workshop had a great brainstorming session with the career presenters for a interview workshop. Excited for that for real!

Friday Bitches!!!!
(See above)
Today went as follows: Ate food, finished dumb ass report, boss said report didn’t need some of the data I gathered ( I asked this guy weeks ago if I needed it and he was like I don’t know ask the higher up…W T F!) Went onto other projects and went home. Then the day really began, Mockingjay Part 1. Went to a lush movie theater with great seats that reclined and had pizza with my three close friends. It was a great movie, but Katniss still pissed me off with Gale. Peeta was a psycho. Whatevs…Oh and driving at night sucks ass.

It’s Saturday. I lazed around watching movies, listening to music, blogging (reading blogs) cleaning, and prepping for next week. Sunday will be the same.

This whole day in a life will not work for this blog. I don’t even do anything. Welp, at least I posted something!


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