10 Rules I have broken…

I am not much for a rule breaker. Honestly, I feel karma really does come back and bite you in the ass. So I try to tread lightly on the living dangerously train. In total, I have broken only 3 rules that I feel were actually broken.

1) Stole

2) Lied about something to my mother

3) Jay walked (Got a ticket – So I know for sure that was a bad one)

That’s it. I try to think of anything that would really appeal to you all and I all I can think of is that. I don’t mind it. Being boring and basic is fine with me. It’s my life and I can live it however I want to. But it does get a bit boring. I want to walk on the wide side with out it biting me in the ass or maybe I want someone to bite me in the ass. Biting and ass keeps coming up in this post…Dark thoughts? 50 shades of WTF? What just happened here?

XOXO Kit Kat


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