I like(d) to read

We all like to read. Well, not all of us. There are times when reading just becomes mundane. Better options are available in various forms of entertainment. Those of us that place a higher value and impact on reading tend to advocate it as if it is the most important aspect of our education. Then there comes a time when even for the most avid readers, reading becomes a lost art that they keep trying to grasp at. To retain the love they once had for it, along with the comfort that it offered. That’s what’s happening to me. I have heard that a person can lose their love of a passion they once coveted it. The thrill is gone B.B. King once sang in a bluesy way that explained to the listener of the heartbreak he has at that moment in time. I feel the same way.

Everytime I try to pick up a book that I feel is interesting or was recommended, my jaded and fried brain tells me no! just skip to the end. Ruining what was bound to be exceptional story. Online comments and reviews also have impacted my reading process. I love to know what others think about a book. To gain an insight into the characters so I am not surprised by what will happen. It lessens my heart ache for the characters I have invested my thoughts into.

Life imitating art. Since I can’t skip to the end, might as well do it in a book, right? Wrong.

Books still offer me comfort. I can read an adventure and if it doesn’t involve Heartache, sappy romance, bullying, or a mono tone narrator I am good. Picky.

So far I have decided to try to read classics. Maybe this will change my habits. No. I can barely finish Harry Potter. I know…a freakin tragedy! Maybe I should try to just read a book that strikes my fancy and challenge myself.

Who am I kidding! As I write this post, I have tried everything! I have tried different genres, age groups, everything! Audiobook, ebooks, and print. Nothing.

I just have to realize that my love of reading has died for now and it will not come back until a book comes along that I am genuinely interested in and one that wasn’t recommended to me( everyone’s reading it…i.e, stupid peer pressure. Don’t tell me what to do!). I just have to let nature take its course.

If only i could skip to the end of this bull crap! It would make my life easier. You try living in a place where books are EVERYWHERE!.



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