Try, try, and try again

Take a chance. That is the mantra I am going with right now. Looking at the positive and understanding that there will be negatives along the way to ending goal.

I think my thoughts for my life have always stressed me out. I tend to try and do more than what my brain can handle, producing content that is sub par compared to my original plan and ideal picture. So how do I go about rectifying that?

I don’t.

In my case, acknowledging that my mind works in a different way is a step in the right direction. Yes, I want to be successful, but in order to keep growing as a person and dealing with stressful situations I have to learn to adapt. I can still keep doing what I am doing and still adapt to the ever changing world around me. Work. Life. Everything.

I recently ended a toxic friendship/relationship. I have posted about this guy on SEVERAL occasions and I felt that this back and forth was tiresome. I feel that we were both at fault for how the friendship/relationship was. After a few bickering and argumentative text messages and a push on my part, we ended things. It was amicable. I deleted his contact information and un-friended him; a major thing to do nowadays.

You Un-Friended him! Well you must be serious…Yep that is the time we live in now.

It was needed and even though I felt like I was losing a friend that made my friend list outside of Facebook dwindle, it was definitely needed. I am growing as a person. I don’t want to stress out on a friendship that was irritating and was becoming toxic or was toxic.

The same with my job. I am starting to become more focuses or in my case, I am starting to take my job serious.

SIDE-NOTE: I recently went to a panel on Librarians and the job hunting process. The average number that the applicants sent out applications was 85 resumes/cover letters! And some got called back by maybe 2-5 employers. It was scary and I knew immediately that I needed to gain more experience in case I need to appeal for a pay raise.

I am gaining more experience and respect for what I am doing in my position. Proud!

I am taking chances and losing that fear that has gripped me for years. Going for the gold! I can only try and if that doesn’t work, try , try, and try again.



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