Role Model

Recently on Facebook, a friend posted her discontent with Miley Cyrus and her wild behavior. She didn’t understand why people excused her behavior and was placed in role model status. Now mind you, I remember Miley like everyone else as Hannah Montana and I was hoping she would age gracefully like Emma Watson or Taylor Swift. However, if I really knew her, which I don’t, I would have known that she was never on that level. Then I started thinking do I even have a celebrity role model and if so who? I started to say yes, then thought better of it.

Why? I don’t like placing people I don’t know on this pedestal to mold myself after. A role model to me is someone whom I respect, whose behavior is example I would like to follow, their public image is my ideal image, and have emulated in some ways. The only problem with celebrities is that they are not normal! They are above my spectrum. They are public figures no matter where they are placed in grading scale of A to Z…who are you exactly (Meme probably).

My main point is that I prefer to say admire and relate able on some aspects of the persons persona. But I quote a celebrity as if they are the originator of that personal thought and hold them to a high esteem. Jason Aldean recently brought his mistress/girlfriend/homewrecker? I don’t really know, to the CMT awards. My immediate thought was “Wow…so they drag LeAnn Rimes through the mud and this guy, who sounds the same on EVERY SINGLE RECORD gets a standing ovation! And people are saying they want a man like him or want to be him.” It astounded me. Then I understood where my friend was coming from about Miley Cyrus. I am not super conservative where I think smoking pot leads you straight to hell, but I understand that there is an limit and a time a place. Also, Miley is a leader that asks for people to follow her and get her notoriety. People look up to that. Everyone at one point in time wants to be #1.

Emma Watson. Taylor Swift. Kerry Washington. Angelina Jolie. Jennifer Lawrence. Sandra Bullock. Oprah Winfrey. Carrie Underwood. Miranda Lambert. Kat Dennings. LaShonte. Harriet Tubman. Tom Hiddleston. Zachary Levi. Ryan Gosling. Denzel Washington.

These are just a few of the people whose image I happen to like. How they hold themselves in public. How they are when I doing their job. As well as, on some rare occasion when I have met them, how nice they are.

They are NOT my role models. My family and a few close friends are my role models. No, the folks I listed are people I admire. I have no right to judge them, since I don’t know the entire story and even if I did who am I to judge. I guess from my Facebook friends rant, as well as, the rest of her friends, celebrities are role models whether they like it or not. What they do can drastically change a person’s life. I am just not one of those people that will put my life in some random person, who doesn’t even know me, hands.



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