Aftermath – School is done, now what do I do?

2014-05-17 Graduation Day

I graduated! It took me three years to get here and i am proud to say that I am officially a librarian.

Now what do i do? That was the first question I asked myself, along with several others. Do I want to move out of state and pursue a career immediately out of graduate school? or Did I want to stay in my current job as a library technician II? I had to add the two in there for ego purposes. So many questions circulating in my head and I started to get overwhelm. I was in a cloud and when I slowly started to fall, it was devastating. It felt like I was coming down from a drug induced high and I was left feeling ALL of the emotions from that weekend all at once. It was hard

It still is hard. The entire weekend was wonderful! I got to see my old hometown, where I went to school and my neighborhood, as well as, family. It still didn’t erase the overwhelming feeling that I had so much to do and I had no idea how to do it.

There are so many of us out there with the same feeling. We don’t have a five year plan! and if we did it doesn’t guarantee that it will actually happen!

Maturity level sets in, along my with my optimism, pessimism, and realistic nature. Weird having those all at the same time, but they do their job. I made a list and I wrote myself a letter. I explained what I was feeling and what I could do about it. I let myself grieve over the end of era and celebrate the beginning of a new one. I understood the endless possibilities of job hunting and that it isn’t as easy as everyone makes it out to be, but I should still keep putting myself out there.

JJ Watt has a motto that I am starting to live by “Dream Big, Work Hard”. I have goals and dreams, but they are just that goals and dreams. I have to work for them.

Here are few of the items and to do(s) I am currently working on and will continue to work on for the rest of my life. These items are not just work related, but are related to my life in general.

Continue Learning
Health and Body and Mind
Money (Student Loans)
Library Projects

I graduated! I am so proud of myself…now I am going to make this degree worth all of the debt I accrued during these past 7 years (undergraduate and graduate).


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