A work in progress…

I am at a stand still in my career. I haven’t even started in my field yet, but I still have so much that needs to be done, but that overwhelming feeling that nothing will go my way in my life keeps bringing me down. That the plans I have set up don’t make sense and aren’t even possible, even though I know they are. I consider myself a go-getter when I have set out on a goal when motivated.

As of now, I have received confirmation that I have completed my e-portfolio (Which is just a fancy way of saying my Master’s program guided Thesis) and can graduate in Spring 2014 to receive my Masters in Library and Information Science. Three long years have paid off! It felt great at first. Looking back on the hard work and the studying and real world experience that I completed; however, I look back and I still feel as if I haven’t done ANYTHING. I completed two internships, I got a job in the library field, and I even completed volunteer hours to get experience working with children. Nothing. My social life and personal relationships put on the back burner to focus on my dreams; an actual career with a title. Something that I planned for, for over three years.

Then I realized that my “planning” was disorganized. The internships I had completed didn’t even work towards the field that I was pursuing and the volunteer work was basic admin stuff. I shelved books or baby sat a jungle gym or in some cases stood like a body guard.  All my planning and goals were met, but not in the area that I wished to work in (Young Adult librarianship). The objectives were met for academic libraries and even though I work in a academic library right now, I know I would rather work some where else right now.

So what do I do?

I am NOT starting back from scratch. I guess I can do another internship; however, in my city it is so hard to even get your foot in the door for public service, especially as a librarian. We have the openings, but they come every so often and are very competitive (They prefer to hire within…bastards!).

My classmates and co-workers have been “suggesting” that I start applying for jobs, but what can I do when I don’t feel I have the experience to handle the position described on application. I applied and won a job, the current job that I have now, and I have no experience in collection management. Those first couple of months were HARD. I felt overwhelmed and stressed. Don’t get me wrong, I have learned a lot and I can utilize the skills I am gaining in the future, but I still do not want to be in a repeat situation when I apply for a job as Youth Specialist in a library.

I have been reading several articles trying to gain an idea on what it is I can do to focus the skills I have right now. One article in particular was from Levo League “Land Your Dream Job Without Experience“. I know by the title I am basically contradicting myself, but I’m not! In this article it discusses researching the jobs that you are interested in, and picking out the skills they would want a perspective employee to have and seeing if you match. Basically transferable skills. Creating your own experience in the position and being patient if you don’t see success. This article is basically what I needed to kick me in the ass to realize that it’s what you make of it in the real world.

So I have started looking at the various job openings and researching the qualifications that are listed. I do meet some of the qualifications and I feel better when it comes to the skills I have and I am slowly understanding the skills I have not used in forever. One of the things I will be doing is creating a sheet that list all of my skills and detailing how I have exemplified each of those set skills in my job or in the real world. Slowly I am coming around to understanding how I can prepare for when I graduate and start sending out applications. As of now, I am not going to rush it.



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