I keep forgetting

…That I have matured. I am still a spoiled young woman, but I am now taking responsibility for it or in my case I am seeing what I assume are my imperfections. I knew I was spoiled and that I didn’t always treat others the way they should be treated. Let’s be honest, I was a bitch to some nice people. It wasn’t cute and it didn’t come off as a classy lady, an image I would love to have for myself. It was just a young woman with no manners. Embarrassing. So I am trying to remember to take responsibility for my actions. Not that many people can say they do that, then again, they shouldn’t have to.

So the main reason for this post is to remind myself that I am maturing and that I will make mistakes as an adult. Why? Because I am human and that’s what we do. As I go through the stress of paying bills and the reality of the “American Dream” being defined differently depending the person, I will use these thoughts to remember to breathe and to remind myself that everything will be OK, but I will I forget.

I will, but at least I will have already acknowledge these thoughts for the future.

Right now I am planning for the future, again, in preparation of the time when I will have to start paying for those dreaded student loans. So now excited for that. We pay in arm and a leg on a subpar education and employers treat us as if the diploma is worth the status of a high school diploma. Sad that education has come to this, but that is a discussion for another day.

What I have been doing for the past two weeks?


Baby Metal: A J – Pop -Metal girl band. I know it sounds crazy, especially since these ladies are only between the ages of 12 and 14 years old. However, the music addicting. Some of the songs have ranged from sounds like Linkin Park to full on heavy metal or DDR music.

Some Beyonce!: I listened to her I AM…Tour album; not as good as the B’Day concert, but a solid effort.

Dan + Shay: I just purchased their album. I can’t wait! They sound like a less annoying Florida Georgia Line and I like that group. Right now country is irritating me. Everything is sounding the same.

Oh! Radio sucks! I was driving in my car and I kid you not, it has become the top ten over and over again radio. This is why I don’t like listening to the radio…stupid.

Some stray music not worth mentioning. I just listened to pass the time


Cardcaptor Sakura by Clamp: I loved watching this show as a kid and I was interested in broadening my interests when it came to reading, so I chose this.

Inferno by Dan Brown: It is a to be read and It will most likely stay there. I don’t know it doesn’t interest me right now. Maybe someone can help with that.


2048: This may seem like an easy game, but it’s not. You have to add all of the tiles together to get 2048, the only problem is that you can’t maneuver the tiles to go a certain way. Very frustrating and addicting.

Frozen: Basically bejeweled but frozen. It was free, so I don’t care.


Hulu: Anything that I have missed over the past two weeks

Orphan Black: I only watch this for Paul. Such a nice ass

The Mindy Project: People have been giving the spring session so-so ratings, and I can agree on some aspects (Mindy and Danny’s relationship, but it’s realistic), but it is super funny! Way better than New Girl.

Youtube Videos (Of course): I am now watching the Nive Nulls. Super cute family that vlogs daily together. I saw this couple and my first thought was “They are an interracial couple”. Awesome! Don’t get me wrong, I like men of all of races, but I tend to sway to the white chocolate, but I have felt that at my age, it isn’t gonna happen. Cue the violins. But it’s true! Anyway, this family is just beautiful and down to earth. I couldn’t do the daily vlogs. Nothing happens in my life.

Daily Life:

I worked majority of the week and caught up on some projects, BUT Saturday it was on!

My friend Jen and I went to the foodie fest on the strip and then headed to the mall to see a movie. I think that entire day would need a blog post. However, I am exhausted, I watched Marvels and I didn’t go to sleep till like 3:30am. I work at 7:30am.

Foodie Truck FestFoodie Fest

That’s it folks!



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