Concentrating. It is so hard to think and focus on what needs to be done. Like my body is playing tricks with my head “Hey, we’re tired. So, no productivity today. Ok?” Mean while midnight rolls around and my body goes into overdrive. Absolutely irritating!

I have so many school projects to do and I have a full weekend open to do it, but I have a hard time rolling out of bed and going to the library. When I do go to the library, with computer and books in hand, my concentration is gone. I am easily distracted and zone off towards other thoughts. When I have a deadline, yeah I work fast and furious, but these assignments are important. They need to be finished on time!

Why do I get so tired and un-motivated! What is with this! I don’t think I used to be this way.

I read an article about how personalities don’t change over time, the persons’ goals shift with age. So basically, they are saying that as I get older I will continually become an even more lazier person. WTF.

Now, for those of you who have read my posts, you know that I have tried to set myself up on goals and motivate myself time and time again and to no avail. What do you propose I do to get off my ass and work?

Should I wait until the last minute?

Should I create a to do list or place it on my calendar tricking myself into thinking the assignment is due earlier than said? (May end up doing this)

Or should I just take a breather and stop stressing about it, I just need to take my time.

My options are limited and those questions are not rhetorical. As of now,  I want to relax and read the important materials so I can fully prepare and write a legit paper that isn’t rushed. Looking back at my previous work and thinking this isn’t what I imagine my genius would look like on paper. My blog posts sound better than the papers I have written. That isn’t great!



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