My Apologies to my health

Dear Health,

Hey. It’s been awhile since I have had a talk with you. You have been up and down these past few months and for that I am most sorry. I let you down. Stopped excercising , going out, living free, and being happy. Graduate school can do that to a person you know? Excuses aside, I know that I have let you down. Even with all of the mottos and affirmations I have around me, laziness keeps winning. Such a bitch I know… However, I am willing to fight along with you, by reading more, smiling more, eating less fatty foods and sweets, drinking more water (How I make this hard, I have no idea), exercising, getting out of the house, less EXCUSES.

These are all good things and all, but I still feel the overwhelming need to go to sleep as soon as I get home. Sigh. We have to work together you and I. We used to be buds! What happened?!

Graduate school and she is a heartless money grabbing bitch!


Markita’s Brain, Heart, and Happiness , as well as body.


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