A bit of life here… proceed with caution.

Day by day I am working out. Not a lot. I do simple workouts at work ( 25 squats only…I don’t want to get super sweaty) and at home. This makes me feel less guilty about not working out all the time. So far I am just taking it easy until I feel better. The dentist really did a number on me and meds are making me feel bloopy.

It is week two of being a peer mentor and I haven’t had an easy time. I can just feel myself getting overwhelmed and going back into old habits. Procrastinating. I grade papers and comment on posts, but that doesn’t seem to be enough. I now know how professors feel. That tendency to bite off a students head. They have to deal with 5o plus students every week and be polite and professional. I can barely manage responding without sarcasm. Students who are just out of their element and I have to be the one to boost their confidence up. It’s not as easy as it looks.

Big decision made. Not going to be a professor. This may end up being that I work in a public library…oy vey.

Maybe I am not a people person or I just hate dealing with people who are snooty, lack common sense, or just lazy. Judging librarian right here folks.


Just want to vent and update. I will be posting an update again on my workout. Eventually I will be starting T25 again after I am done with my meds from the doctor.

See you soon!



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