Fitness is not my resolution

A girl stops every now and then, right? When it comes to working out? I did that. I was focused and I was determined, then I got tired and said to hell with this. Looking back, I gave up to easily. The excuses reigned in and I just stop. Now mind you T25 isn’t cheap! It is expensive, but effective and can used in the future. For me, it was motivation and self esteem, two things you can’t buy.

I have found it hard to even posts something, since I am so ashamed by my lack of motivation and the fact that I quit so easily. Now I have a goal, a childish one, but still a good motivator.

An ex-boyfriend.

You know the one. They left you high and dry and wanting more. They moved on as if the relationship was just a speed bump to a bunch of others. Well for me, I am to nice and tend to stay friends with the guys I have dated. Mind you my experience is limted and goes down to one guy (Only one BF, several guys I have dated though. Not a total novice). So now I have a goal. To look my best and move on from him.

I am at my heaviest, even though my sweet and loving friends and family say I look fine. However, if I feel unhealthy, then no amount of boost from anyone is going to sway me.

My doctors have even said I need to re-work what I eat. Now it is taking toll on my body.

So I made a goal for myself:

  • I want to look good by the time my ex gets here.
  • Wear a dress for the first time in over two years.
  • Be able to run 1 mile without stopping
  • Drink 8 cups of water – no juices at all!
  • Pre-plan all of my own meals ahead of schedule.
  • Look in the mirror in May and be able to say that I look beautiful.

Now, I sit here on fat behind writing these goals and a part of me knows that I have to start and stop making excuses. I have to do it. It’s only 25 mins! 

Fitness isn’t my New Years resolution. It is my possible savior to live a better life. I want to feel strong, not weak. Confident. Smart.

I want to feel like me…only in smaller size pants.

Anyone out there want to be each others motivators? Because we can do it! Yea…we will quit, but we can help each other out. Let me know.


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