Week One Day Four Focus T25

Week One Day Four: Focus T25 – Alpha Ab Intervals

So I did it, well almost. I barely stopped on the moves after the 20 mark. In the beginning my big toe was still tender( A wierd pedicure accident occured lol). However, I am still proud that I powered through it and I had a hard time on a move, I would go back and study the film and do it again.

The workout consisted of plank work, leg crunches, and squats, but it was easier compared to yesterday’s total body circuit. I think where I went wrong, was the food. My meal wasn’t healthy and i had minimal amount water in my system. After completing the workout I did have some pistachios and small portion of pasta. Now after I finish this first week, I will be grocery shopping to update my nutrition and diet to reflect my new workout regiment.

I am positive that I will get to where I want to be.

On STATurday, I plan on working out my overall goals of where I want to be on day 25 before starting T25 Beta. For now, I just want to focus on form and motivating my self to push myself to the point of a burnout! I can do it!


2 thoughts on “Week One Day Four Focus T25

  1. We are on the same schedule! I did AB INtervals today as well. I felt it had a great pace and the workouts were all great and do-able! I love the fact that it incorporated your core muscles in your back as well.

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