Week One Day Two Focus T25

Week One Day Two Focus T25 – Alpha: Speed 1.0

Today was better then yesterday. I only stopped twice and it was mainly because I am not very graceful or coordinated when it came to some of the moves. I mean, really! I am not good with rhythm. My overall feeling was proud. I completed the entire thing in 25 mins. Now I have to do it again to burn off pizza. Grr…so close….

I wonder how many calories I burned anyways.

Not gonna lie. I like to eat. I just have portion everything accordingly. How do you deal with the craving for food? If I see it, I feel it is my right to eat it. However, I know that is not a good way of thinking. 


One thought on “Week One Day Two Focus T25

  1. I feel you! On Day 2 I had to do a lot of the modified versions simply bc I was not coordinated enough to do some (well a lot) of the moves. So you will be on Total Body Circuit today huh? Can’t wait to read your post about THAT ONE! All I can say is hunnnnnnAY get ready and good luck! LOL. As far as cravings, I typically eat what I want, and if it’s junk then I break it in half, and throw the other half away (don’t think about it, just do it). I also create small circuits to do for junk food. May not burn all of it off, but mentally it makes me feel better!

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