We’re here for you.

After watching this video, I immediately wished I could sit on a bus or train and just video tape myself. Just to see what exactly is happening around me as I gaze in to video haven or the camera. Anyway, I understood and could relate to John Green. Middle school was hard, yet I still had people around me who cared and who loved me. However, that wasn’t readily seen for me. It has taken years, to when I graduated college, to even now, to fully understand that I was loved by my family and some of my so called friends. It is hard to feel that way, when people are constantly nitpicking everything about you. I don’t feel any empathy for my tormentors, but I can understand the insecurities and the need to pick on those who are weaker than you (me).

What about today’s generation? I can sit at my desk today and watch horrendous videos about teens instigating fights, because they feel it’s fun. They don’t care that people are getting hurt. The invincibility of being bigger and badder of the last generation is ever present now. This doesn’t mean my generation wasn’t just as bad.

In high school, there was the sweetest, the coolest, the most down to earth girl a person could talk to. She even talk to me and didn’t ask to copy off my homework. Well, for some reason she took the whole stand by your friends to heart and engaged in a fight with some random person(random to me). Even today, I never understood the point of the bullying.





It is like a therapists dream to be able to find this out. It is not so black and white. So many areas and reasons for why people pick on each other. That overwhelming urge to leave or end it comes into young peoples mind and it sucks!

Win. I fought hard to survive, so I could win.

But I didn’t. I came out with self esteem issues that are more evident everyday. Depression. Constantly looking at the past and never moving on from it.

People of all ages face the reality of being bullied…everyday.

Survivors. We are all survivors. We face these people with knots in our stomachs with little knowledge that there are people out there that care. People who giving us strength through prayer, good thoughts, and hopes. Campaigning to end the mass bullying that will never end. A support group that we seldom realize is here all around us. Pushing through it all one day at a time. Even if those days are long, still getting through it. Together.


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