A side note to my thoughts

I have thoughts apparently. So many of them filtering out of my brain, that I had to write them down in my notebook at work.  They range from bills to ideas to even the most mundane school work that is due. My brain was overloaded with information and to dos that needed to be written down. But I did wonder, how much would I write (Bullet points) of my thoughts that came across my mind?

The thought in my head as of now, besides this post, is to write more thoughts about my lunch with my friend Heather. What happened over lunch? What ideas I have to have for more lunchs. What kind of fun I can have before becoming busy with school again. To blank.

That is how my brain worked. My thoughts culminating into ideas and random crap. I thrive on random crap! I have named several of blogs out of that. How would Einstein detail his brain? Any ideas?

I don’t. I keep thinking that if i just account for everything I am thinking about, I can find the place where I am most depressed or find a reason for not wanting to engage in my favorite activity. Reading. I am wondering why I don’t do that anymore. I have plenty of books (to many romances) just not enough enthusiasm.

Oh! and lack of love life does take up much of brain…

WAIT! It’s being single and ready to mingle that has me preoccupied with love.! Seriously?

So over this. I’m going to bed. Like now or after 5pm today.


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