Inspiration kicks in and technology kicks back.

Feeling inspired and a wonderful thoughts pops into your head, you Grab A)your computer, B)Your tablet, C) notepad D) Your phone. Well I would grab all of them if any of them decided to work. I have bitten by the inspiration bug, but all of my technology stuff sucks and my writing is worse then a doctors (Which is ironic since my initials are MD). So how do I deal. Patience. Not easy when you have inspiration. So far I have written advice and posted on my neglected Tumblr. It soothes me and my aggravated soul. I really can’t think of a topic to write about for school and the discussion posts seem meaningless. Maybe it has something to do with what I used to do. Before New Adult books (YA mixed with Erotic fiction) I used to blog and read regular YA, now I am so over it. Eventually I want to get back to usual naivete. As of now I want to keep being inspired.

So far I have discovered (due to other blogs) new blogs and sites. It is an interesting point of view to see how the world looks like beyond the usual social media sites. If it wasn’t for the fact that my computer has a virus, I probably would have tried a bit harder to discover more. Look at other areas of interest.

Inspiration never lasts long for me…but it was fun while it lasts.


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