Everyone just needs a friend…

I am happy to announce that I have jumped back into the real world. Although I have done this pouting and whining along the way. I have been in an introvert for the past few months. I haven’t really wanted to hang out with people, do anything remotely fun, or engage in any activites that doesn’t pertain to work or school. 

Pretty much being a loner. A boring one.

So I started getting back to socializing. Make a list and checking twice. Contacting friends who say they miss me and I miss them. 

First on the list was my close friends Heather and Jen. Although, I have hung out with them over the months, apparently they want more. Well Heather does. This irritates me. I don’t understand people who are constantly berating me(so it seems) to hang with them, then when it comes down to it, they don’t engage at all…

Sigh…I had to calm down, when Heather suggested, guilt-ed  that I need to make the friendship work. That hanging out once a week would do. Never mind the fact that I have other obligations to do. 

I discuss this with Lexy, someone whose opinion matters. Sometimes who tell it like it is opinion can hurt, but hey I can choose to ignore it if I want. She doesn’t mean to hurt me. Anyway, she is in the same boat with her friend, someone who says you are not a friend unless we hang out every week. 

What! I don’t even do that with my mother. The only person I hang out with all the time is my trainer and even then I need a break!

Looking at my friendships, I realize that I am at fault. Be more involved and stop neglecting friends. So I am trying to rectify the situation. Guess I am not the type of person to pushed or guilt tripped along the way. My friends and I will meet half way. Then again I know how it feels when being put on the back burner. 

Lesson learned or in this case ongoing. 


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