Awesome music tonight

I have been a bit busy and well just not interested in some of the music coming out. Everything tends to be on the same trend of pop and dance or even those trying to ride the folk train of groups such as Mumford and Sons. So, imagine my surprise of finding music that brings back nostalgia of good music.

Kacey Musgraves, Justin Timberlake, Chris Young, Renee Olstead, Cast from Nashville. These are the only ones I can name off my head, but they are the ones I keep replaying. I have been wanting to create smooth and playful playlists to listen to while studying. I have done that with the civil wars, Eli young band, and Mumford and sons. So I need a change. I am glad that I have started to get some artists who are bringing that back for me.

I don’t need to dance all the time, although I love it.

Just need to shoot the breeze…relax.


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