Money. I need it. Where is it though?

Money makes the world go round, but it doesn’t make a girl happy. I am having money issues, more specifically budget problems. I had all of my money saved and stowed away last year, now that plan has gone straight to hell. To many expenses and not enough funds to go around.

Goals, hopes, and dreams are what I working towards and you need money to get them.

-Goal: save 5000 dollars by the end of the year
-Hopes: Save enough to put a down pmt on a house, pay off student loans, and relocate
-Dreams: to be settled in my new place and have nothing to pay off.

How do I do that if I am constantly coming up with excuses and procrastinating on getting the job done. I recently started the 52 week money challenge, where I put money away everyweek ending in a large amount saved for the year. How am I doing you ask? I already owe myself money.

Everyday, people are looking for ways to make money the easy way and the hard way. We want the best for ourselves and getting it is a struggle. Some people are willing to risk it, others are not. However, how can we keep the money already in our pockets when it is constantly needed for everyday purchases. In todays world having a savings account is like balance a time bomb. Don’t take so much out or its gonna blow…but if you want to save it that means you don’t have any extra funds laying around.

Money! Money! Money!!

I need it. You need it. How can we save it?


One thought on “Money. I need it. Where is it though?

  1. So incidentally the question people should be asking is not what is the easy way to make money, but how can I do it without feeling soul-crushed by a job that they don’t care much for. With bills to pay, sometimes it feels like there is little choice. And as you mention in your post, procrastination often compromises our intentions to do better for ourselves.

    And really people don’t give themselves enough credit. Life demands require our emotional energy, of which there is often not an infinite supply of.

    To answer your question about how do we save money. I found bank accounts to be very bad places to save money these days. Inflation eats away at any savings, and the ease of access to the funds makes it hard to keep the money there. What I have found works for me is putting some money into some low-risk mutual funds. There is of course the usual market risks, but I find it less of a risk than me having easy access to the money. To get money out of my mutual funds usually takes a week. And in the funds I’m invested in, if I take it out within 90 days I get dinged a penalty which often makes me think twice about cashing out.

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