Valentines Day!? More like singles day…

I have been single for more years then I can count. Sometimes I have been ok with it(2 mins) and the rest of time moopy. Right now I have been ok with it. I have even been keeping myself busy with friends and events. Proud more like it.

Being single doesn’t mean I have to be lonely…all the time.

Realistic Kita here and I know after writing this I will be back to my lonely spinster self. However, I might as well challenge myself to enjoy being single for five mins.

Maybe I can set up a day to go and get a massage. I flippin need it. Body is aching from working out.

Valentine’s Day is an ok commercial holiday. Not even a holiday. I don’t get paid!

Love is great…gonna love myself with books, chocolate strawberries, and hw(nerdy).


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