Little thoughts

It seems life has its road blocks and bumps in them. Normal.

I recently completed a discussion post for my teen programming class and was brought back to the past. The nostalgia. RememhIber my junior year and being so happy to be a teenager. All of my hopes and fearlessness on the rise. I know I wasn’t the picture of teen happiness, but it wasn’t as bad as senior year(stressful mess).

Now as I reminices on the past, I realize that apart of me has dwindled and died with being an adult. Have to say high school did not adequately prepare me for the “real world”, because I am sucking at it big time.

However, I am partly to blame. Teens need to be educated on what to do when they move out. Nature and nuture go together not apart in my opinion and I seeing parents taking various roads in teaching their children. Independece and education in not being naive should be emphasize wholeheartedly.

Making plans is something that I did as a teen, but the dreamworld took over the realism. Money, school, job, marriage, family, owning a home. The real world. The discussion post opened up my eyes for a bit at how naive I was and still am. I need to stop judging others on their life and start living mine.

Scared took over being fearless.

Reality took over hope.

At 24 I slowly getting to where I wanna be. I may not have children, but I am still surpassing the goal that I originally established. Although not the way I wanted it.

Maybe that will be my next goal. Doing what I want!

Own a house. Live in a different state. Stop being so afraid to take chances. Make mistakes and learn from them. Travel. Get a job that I want (easier said then done in the economy). Volunteer.

What do I want to do before I die? Create and complete my buried list.

Yes, my junior was my finest year. Not perfect, but great. But I still have years ahead to make it memorable. Friends and family to help.

Pictures to take. Blogs to write. Peaces to show! Love to give out. Me and my little thoughts to share.


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