Self esteem and moving on

I have to say my Friday night was one for the books. A bust. My good friend Kara-lyn invited me to a Lock and Key event. An event that mixes and mingles singles for a hour or two. The girls have the locks and the men have the keys. For the rest of the night the men and women work to meet other people while trying to “unlock” the lock around womens neck. Awkward and weird at times, sometimes fun. It was successful for Karay-lyn, not for me. I felt alone and weird. The youngest at the event, along with Kara-lyn. The people there were OLDER then 35. It was more like 35 nad up event. Sigh…I just didn’t like it. I always thought I preferred older men, but my maturity level was not up there. I didn’t feel like I was in my element. At least I tried right. The event would have been great if it had a truthful age limit. No one felt pushed to meet people. Or maybe it would be best to just go the natural way. Meet people in real life or some real occasion.

I don’t even know what that means! I just know that meeting people in my life that my friends knew would seem…well, normal.

Normal is what I want and what I need. Don’t know if it’s what I like though.

Maybe that is something else I need to find out.


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