Have we ever lived in a in a time where we have not gossiped? Didn’t think so. We all seem innocent when it comes to keeping our noses cleans from the dirty information, but lets be honest, we all gossip. Sometimes its fun and other times its dangerous. Living dangerous is not for everyone. We engage in the misconceived mindset that we must share every piece of information with the enemy or in some cases frenemies so as to feel special amongst thee elite. How do we go forward without lowering ourselves to the gossip of everyone’s daily live?/ We donn’t . We continue “trying” and living our lives as if nothing is off any interest to us. Still listening to what others have found out and doing our civic duty to divulge the information too others or we can keep said information to ourselves, as a away to one up someone in the future. Sometimes people have a right to know what is going on in thee world.

xoxox So not Gossip Girl


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