My First Car!

So…the stress is finally over. Kind of. I bought a car. Kind of iffy about if I really like it. I am so …eh about it, that I am thinking I made a hasty decision. I got a 2010 Nissan Versa.  Basic car, just needs upgrades and since I plan on trading it, all is well. I think I prefer to take my time in these things. I really thought I would wait til next weekend. I didn’t . So much money. I really was stupid about the whole thing. I saved enough for a down payment, but insurance was huge. Now I have to save money for registration and there is limited time for OT (Overtime). So not happy about this. The car is good, but right now my confidence is low in regards to the amount I am paying, my basic insurance, and my driving.

Time will tell if I really will enjoy this purchase. I should be happy I even have a car. Right?


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