Purchasing a car is not fun

All of this “Budgeting” is getting on my nerves. I am so over getting a car, that I am thinking taking a bus will satisfy me. It wont , but its less of a hassel compared to cars. Wondering about how much I can afford, model car, how new it is. To top that off, insurance! I can’t even think straight thanks to my own naivete about what it means to purchase a car. My main problem is money. I get sick when thinking about how long they want me to pay a car off. So I am doing holdover, so I can get a big enough down pmt. Then I get stingy. What can I say, my savings makes me feel safe. Growing up poor, no new car will ever make me feel as safe as my saving does now.

What to do? How much should I spend? What should I get? How do I stop stressing?!

Sigh…I want to stop focusing on this and get ready for school.

Wish me luck?


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