Ooooo today is a workday

I think people have questioned themselves on why they stay at their jobs. Various reasons pop up, some good and some bad. For me it revolves around necessity. I need one. I have bills and a book buying problem to keep up. Is that bad? No. Not to me that is. My job isn’t something I would brag about, but its a position. I have benefits and I in a somewhat stable envrionment. I’ve got the American dream. It’s just not my future. Working in a library is. I am just gonna satisfy my need for money and getter done. I will utilize my perky smile and bright optimism. Even though I have to remind myself to do this, it will still get me through the day. Everyone should try this or go on a wine and chocolate bender and since I don’t have either…this is what has to be done. Hehehehe


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