Tumblr is my blog god!

I am a bit new to wordpress and I am pretty much cool with it. I was originally on livejournal, but left after graduating college and went to Tumblr. I have to say I am a tumblr addict. I love the site! The only reason why livejournal wasn’t really for me, was the fact that I don’t like to write all that much. I like to post random stuff and I finally found the website to do that. Now I am back into this actual blog thing and it’s ok. I don’t think I will fully dedicate myself to this like I have to tumblr. It’s my blog. I can post quotes, thoughts, pictures, and music on simple post features. I can do simple on the go things on this site. I am pretty much a simple kind of girl who would rather look at my dashboard of all my awesome followers and those that I am following then head to every single website/blog  in blogosphere. Yes I am on wordpress, but that doesn’t mean my alliegence has strayed from tumblr. Unless something better comes along. Such a meany! lol


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