Things that made me feel better today.

1) Going to the library

    Only downfall was doing homework, even that was good though.

2) Walking in my neighborhood

    It was hot, but it was nice

3) Lying down in my clean room

   It was hot in the house, but my mom left for a bit. Peace for 30mins.

4) Watching ‘Masterpiece Mystery: Sherlock Holmes: Series II

   Wonderful, in love with his disconnect. Only sad part, was that I missed the 1st one.

5) Watching ‘One Day’ with Anne Hathaway

    Watching the end of ‘One Day’…so sad

6) Having a crying jag due to ‘One Day’

    Runny nose

7) A nice shower to calm the saddness from that beautiful movie

    It was nice!

8) Joy Luck Club

    Still amazing and insightful

9) Realizing I should live London.

    Or Canada. 


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