For anyone graduating college

Form some people taking a tear is necessary. You have worked four to five long years at your degree of choice, you are bound to be tired as I was. I was exhausted and burnt out on school. I felt fatigued over writing a simple post for a discussion. For some it’s do or die, now or never. I, too have felt this way. As if stopping stops the momentum and focus I had, but it was more like my brain was lacking time off. A vacation. I graduated college in may 2010, went to summer school for the entire summer taking five courses. Continuing with a couple of classes in fall semester in another degree program. I exhausted myself on school. I never gave myself a break. So after fall semester I took time off; six months worth. Applied to the program I had researched and thought hard about: library and information science. I eventually got in a Masters programs for library and information science. I felt nervous about starting a masters program after being out of school for six months. However, I had no reason too. My school implemented a intro course for students to get used to the masters levels and online course load. So far I am feeling comfortable and I am glad that I took time off. I feel refreshed and not rushed. I have motivation and I have focus. I no longer have to question myself about my decision, but that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. For some it is now or never, either it’s lack of motivation or the job market is ready for you now. It all depends on you.


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